Economics 384: Undergraduate Health Economics

Economics 490: Undergraduate Seminar in Applied Economics

Economics 550: Graduate Public Economics (Expenditures)

Econ 384 provides an economic perspective on challenges in health finance and health policy. Topics will include models of the consumer-patient, the physician-entrepreneur, and the third-party regulatory and payment agency. Some topics will involve mathematical analysis. Prerequisites: All of ECON 101 and 102.
Sample Syllabus

This course will guide students through their own original analyses of the effect of a government program/policy, or the political forces leading governments to adopt different policies. In the first half of the course, we will build upon the skills already developed in econometrics (ECON 325 and ECON 326) with an emphasis on their practical application to the choice and effect of policies. In the second half of the course, students will work independently to apply these skills in the production of a major
research paper.
Sample Syllabus

Econ 550 is a graduate course in public economics with a focus on the design of social programs. Topics include: local public goods, health care, poverty relief, and disability and unemployment insurance. These issues will be explored from both a theoretical and an empirical perspective.
Prerequisites: ECON 500, 502, 526 & 527.
Sample Syllabus